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Let the magic come in and I will create whatever you desire.

I have been in love with the forest my entire life. Raised amongst the beautiful southern appalachian hardwoods of the state of Georgia, I spent endless days roaming the forests and embracing the spirit of the woods. In 1996 I arrived on Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, and this is when my journey as a woodworker began. Meeting reknowned sculpter Paul Hart and the Hart family, my inner artist was awakened to the mysteries and magic of creating with wood.


I have spent the past decade focusing in on developing my craft and merging the qualities of rustic furniture with fine woodworking. This is what I call fine organic woodworking. I use traditional joinery methods, like mortise and tenon, with a non traditional way of furniture design. Through my woodwork, I try to invoke the spirit of the wood to create a bit of magic in something as ordinary as a bench. A strong fondness for curves, blended with Japanese, Appalachian and Pacific Northwest influences, defines my work into a catagory all on its own. My goal as a woodworker is to convey the entire beauty of the tree through the pieces I create. I accentuate the natural and work with the wood to compose a piece that looks as if it came from the earth itself.